Happy clients make us happy

"It was a pleasure to work with Rebecca when buying an apartment in Nice. She was always ready to provide the necessary information, to consider different options and to give advice. She never disappears on you and does things when she says she will. She is very patient and determined and always keeps you focused on the task at hand. But as important, after the sale she is a lovely person to deal with and share a glass of rosé while discussing life in the South of France."

Natalia & Michael Burinayk,

"We had been looking at buying our dream property in the South of France for quite some time and for some reason or another it never quite came to fruition until we met with Rebecca. She assured me from the outset that we would find the right property and we did! She worked hard to identify exactly what our requirements and expectations were and delivered the results. It was a pleasure working with her and her professionalism was exemplary. We had a hurdle or two to cross before we took ownership of our property and have so appreciated her going above and beyond to facilitate a smooth completion of sale. We were and continue to be extremely impressed by her assistance."

Gwyn & David Brooke,

"In our dealings with French agents and bureaucracy, Rebecca has been on hand to encourage and be positive when events could have become rather stressful. She has been in constant touch with us, in Nice and London, and has been a positive link with our new adventure. She has also tailored her search to suit our individual needs and has taken a personal interest in its outcome. She has been attentive in her communication with us and her responses to our many and varied queries have been prompt and helpful. It has also been extremely useful to have someone ‘on the spot’ who is fluent in French and has good knowledge of the renting and buying process in France and who has established very good contacts in the area. Having secured a gorgeous ‘pied a terre’ on a hill overlooking Nice, Rebecca has extended her support beyond the signing of the contract and continues to offer a very high level of advice and expertise."

Ursula & Colin Rubery,
London, UK

“Rebecca assured me from the outset that we would find the right property and we did!“

"Rebecca, we could not have found a house in the South of France without you. You really understood what we were looking for. We never thought that we would be able to satisfy our quite specific requirements – a house with age and character, right by the sea with a pool for a price we could afford! The normal agents sent us (and you) the normal properties, most of which didn’t fit our requirements but you searched and found not only a perfect location but a perfect house. Especially impressive considering the area was new to you too.
A key point is that you kept us focused and took away all the hard work of sorting through endless details and spared us wasted inspections. You cut through the local agent ‘spin’ and we valued your independence. You visited the properties you thought might be appropriate in advance and screened out the poor ones so that when we made our two short trips we only saw the best that was available. Not only did you screen out the inappropriate but you also encouraged us to consider ‘off piste’ options without losing our focus. You kept us involved, were very responsive and helped us through the whole process, nothing was too much trouble and you have continued to look after us well after our purchase. Buying a house is a very personal decision and one of the reasons it worked so well was that we had complete trust in your judgement, expertise and approach. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a house!"

Matthew & Joanna Elliot,
London, UK

"Being based in Perth, Western Australia, we were a little nervous using a property finder solely based on referrals. Well, it turned out to be the best investment that I have ever made. Your openness, honesty and professionalism is first class, through your dedication and market knowledge you turned what could of been a most stressful time into a pleasure. We toiled on the Internet for many hours thinking we knew the market. How wrong we were. Listening to our needs and finding us the perfect property (when it wasn't even on the market) was truly amazing. But it didn't end there. What has really inspired me to write to you is your after-sales service. After the sale had been made, you kept me involved, helped me through the process and ensured that the transaction was easy. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank-you for helping me make my wife's dream come true."

Martin Conway,

"You are worth every euro we spent! Because of you our search was enjoyable, rewarding and far less stressful than anticipated. Although we have visited France many times before and speak some French, we couldn’t have completed the complicated process without you. Without your intelligent and patient guidance our experience of purchasing an apartment in Nice would not have been so painless. You are a tough negotiator. Because you only represented us and not the seller, we felt confident that our interests were your priority. Above all, you have great follow-up. You continue to provide valuable support and assistance even now after the contract is signed. Thank you so much!"

Roger & Mary Lyons,
San Francisco, USA

“Thank-you for helping me make my wife's dream come true.“

"Since we first started thinking about buying in France and got in contact with you, we cannot praise your service highly enough. You have been unbelievably helpful in all aspects of your role as property finder. Thank you for finding our apartment in Nice."

Jeanne & Wilson Mcleod,
South Africa

"We would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for making our property purchase such a pleasure in Nice! Your service was more than expected, not only taking away all the homework and research but finding us suitable properties, saving us days and making everything so easy. We are delighted with our purchase and you continue to amaze us with your friendly help and suggestions even after the deal has gone through. It's rare these days to find somebody who actually cares and is willing to put themselves out for their clients."

Ian & Athena Robinson,
South Africa

"Rebecca is worth every euro we spent! Because of her our search was enjoyable, rewarding and far less stressful than anticipated.“

"Several years ago we started thinking of buying a property in France and began searching the internet. It soon became clear to us that since we live in Seattle we needed a local contact to help us make our dream a reality. We found Côte Abode on-line, began communicating, and then set up a time to meet her in person on a trip to Nice. Rebecca listened to our concerns and preferences and then assured us that she would find “an apartment we’d love” (in our price range) and that is exactly what happened. When we returned to Nice, she had lined up over 10 apartments fitting our preferences. By the end of day one of the search we had fallen in love with a penthouse in close to the beach directly behind the Negresco Hotel. We were the first clients to see it thanks to Rebecca’s contacts and speed. After negotiating a great price, Rebecca also helped us with the Notaire and French paperwork. She even helped with delivery of ordered furniture once we had returned home. What more could you ask from your property finder?"

Franklin Reed & Don Corliss,
Seattle, USA

"When we started the search I had a reasonable knowledge of property prices in various areas on the Côte d'Azur from internet searches and several visits. Your local knowledge was just what was required to sort the good areas from the not so good. Your contacts and knowledge of properties before or just after they hit the market proved invaluable. I was still surprised to find a property in the first week, however I can say your support did not end there and you have been helping us to find Notaires, tradesmen and generally ease the process of running a property in a new country. I am pleased with the professionalism you have shown, and I have never doubted that you have been working for us. I could never be as comfortable with estate agents as they are in business to make the sale – your perspective is different."

Ian Deegan,